For the past few years at VMworld, rockstar PowerShell gurus Alan Renouf and Luc Dekens have given a presentation on PowerCLI. Before I’ve felt that they could go a bit deeper and in this presentation I think they have hit it right on the mark with the depth. Some pretty good tips makes this worth watching.

WARNING: This isn’t an intro to PowerCLI, if you don’t know what an object is or you are just starting out then this might be a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure why they ask people to leave if they are looking for an intro, if you’ve read a PowerShell script you can get a vague idea about what they are going on about. I’m a believer in immersing yourself so you might not understand but when you do get to that level you can think back and go, “ah, that is what they were on about!”. But that is just my learning style.