• Is there a difference between vCPUs and the cores setting in a VM? Yes and no, from vSphere both are just logical data constructs but when looking at the physical side you need to take into account NUMA. The vSphere Blog has all the details and even some light benchmarking.


  • Marcel Van Den Berg over at UP2V, who works with vSphere and Hyper-V, has a nice breakdown of the differences between vCHS and Azure. My take is that vCHS is targeted at enterprises and Azure is for public cloud, wannabe AWS. The differences in how you buy the services really highlight this for me.



  • I mentioned in the last PowerShell Tip Jar using the PowerCLI VUM cmdlets to attach baseline but I’ve found this post on the NutzandBolts blog that goes even further and uses PowerCLI to remediate VMTools and HW version. I’ll be looking at doing something similar in the future so a future PowerShell Tip Jar might focus on the same area.


  • VMware have a site called “flings” where they provide things that aren’t supported but do some really cool things. One of them that looks pretty cool, it is a front end for ESXTOP called VisualEsxTop. If you are ever debugging performance issues with vSphere, ESXTOP is a fantastic feature, it is one of the defining features of the ESXi platform to me.


I’m sure you all found those links awesome but they will never be Robocop on a unicorn awesome.

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