As per my post on the formal announcement of vCAC 6.0, this video shows the process in motion using a beta version. You can view the vCAC integration module on the VMware Solution Exchange. They also have a pretty good Word document available that goes through some of the concepts in the video.

I really think this sort of integration where you can configure the service, ensure the service is as designed and publish the service to end users (vCAC also includes a service provisioning portal, custom forms and all!) is the way forward. I’m sure there are plenty of other competing products (I can think of a dozen off the top of my head) but the difference, from the outside, is the ability to get right into the guts of the system. vCAC not doing something for you out of the box? Fine I’ll just write a Puppet module. Need to perform some bizarre provisioning logic? vCO has you covered.

The future really does appear to be code.