This post is less of a tip and more of a general warning. As someone who does a fair bit of work with PowerShell, I’m always anxious to get my hands on the latest release. But this is a caution to really read the release notes as it turns out new PowerShell versions are quite incompatible with a fair few core Microsoft technologies (e.g. Exchange). This is very unfortunate and has been the case since PowerShell/WMF 3.

Looking at the feature list, unless you are dying to implement Desired State Configuration (DSC) there doesn’t appear to be to many enhancement that would really require you to jump up. I guess this is a hallmark of a mature platform now (unlike DSC which is very new). Just a note on DSC, you can only run it on Windows Server 2008 R2 and up, not sure what makes R2 so special but there it is.

Thankfully you can find all the relevant details and download links at the Windows PowerShell Blog.